Orbit Baby Goes Disney


We finally made it to the Disneyland Resort with Pink and Kian, and boy did we have fun with these two little ones. We were told not to take them until they reached a certain age, until they fully understood the disney experience.  Pink had asked us a couple of times, she was ready.  Kian on the other hand we for sure thought he was still too young at 18 months. Well we were wrong, he brought the party; danced to all the parades, shows and even rode on some rides.  

Orbit Baby Goes Disney

Taking our Orbit Baby stroller, I have to say it made strolling through Disney easier for us.  Some of our friends, who are also Orbit Baby users said their days at the resort were "hastle free" with the stroller. Others warned us to be careful, that someone might walk off with it while we rode on the rides. so sad and scary. Our solution, exactly what Orbit Baby suggested us to do. Take off the front tires or one of the back tires and pop it into your backpack or purse. And that's exactly what we did!  Not hard at or to much of a hassle, just two clicks and they popped right off. We had the option of taking our Double Helix or Toddler stroller with sidekick attachment. Knowing daughter Pink we knew to take the SideKick... of course the sidekick was an attraction on its own. We also added the side stroller panniers for extra storage and gosh were they a hit, we had moms and dads asking about the stroller and how it worked. I felt organized haha, the cargo basket held the kids small blankets and sweaters and change or clothes (just incase) side pannier held my essentials. Diapers, wipes, water and snacks. 

For more information on the OrbitBaby, toddler stroller seat, sidekick or panniers click here!


Top Disney Tips

I'm no Disney expert but I am a fan. Here are some of my tips to enjoying the Disneyland resort  to the fullest! 

  1. Ask a Local.  Ask your friends or love ones that live in the area to give you details in where to stay, purchase tickets or give you cool insights. 
  2. Get there early! A Disneyland rule: the early bird catches Indiana Jones. If you want to avoid lines, be at the entrance gates the minute the park opens—8 A.M. in summer (10 A.M. for California Adventure). Disneyland is least crowded from opening until about 11:30 A.M. or so. Use that time to hit the popular rides like Jones and the new Star Tours.

  3. Master the Fast Past. Fastpass saves you a place in line for the most popular Disneyland and California Adventure attractions. You go to a Fastpass ticket machine—for, say, Splash Mountain—then return at the time marked on the pass. Then you hop on the ride—generally, with very little waiting. One catch is that you can only nab one Fastpass at a time. 

  4. See a Show! Disney’s Aladdin, at the Hyperion Theater in California Adventure or DisneyJr Live, both very cool and highly entertaining. And on a hot, crowd-filled day, it’s nice to spend 40 minutes in a comfortable seat in an air-conditioned theaters.

  5. Town Square. This is your best place to spot Mickey, Goofy, Donald, you name it. But if your looking for particular character, make sure you pick up the free Entertianment Times Guide at the park entrance. It lists the weekly schedule of all our favorite characters.

  6. Embrace the Evening. In summer, Disneyland is open until midnight, California Adventure until 10. It's my favorite time. The parks after dark are truly magical, with fewer crowds, cooler breezes and fun nighttime entertainment: World of Color at California Adventure, Fantasmic and evening fireworks at Disneyland.

  7. It's A Small World. The best place to see the fireworks is right in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, but it gets crowded. I asked a few employees at the park and they mentioned, it's a Small World because you are closer to the launching point. It's loud and more exciting, and they do projections of the fireworks on the ride.

  8. Useful App MouseWait, a more user based app than the offical Disney Parks app, can give you up to the minute wait times and a list of iphone charging stations 
  9. Best Timing. We went on a Monday and Tuesday but the best days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. tends to be the least crowded. The off season (late January through March) is generally better too. 
  10. Be Organized. well this is for the parents, try to pack light. Don't shlug around unnecessary items. Take what you need, go and have fun!